Wonderful Work in Music

This term we are learning about music from all around the world, from Brazil to West Africa and music from different time periods, from 1600 to 2017!

Year 7 pupils are currently working on a Samba project and have been learning about music from Brazil and how music is used in carnivals. They have been working hard as a whole class ensemble and have just completed their mid-term assessment. Here is 7S4’s performance.

Year 8 pupils have been exploring a new instrument this term: the Djembe. They have been learning about rhythms from Africa and have been learning a song called ‘Tongalon’. They have been using great curiosity to find out lots about music in West Africa and how important it is to their culture. See a performance here! Year 8 also just completed their second Pillar day where they worked really hard to create their own musical scores along to Aladdin!

Year 9 pupils have been learning all about Club Dance music this term. They are currently working on a cover of a 80s classic, ‘show me love’. They are soon going to be making up their own club dance pieces and we look forward to hearing them! A number of year 9 music scholars are also working very hard on their own compositions this term to play at the music scholars evening.

Year 10 are currently learning about the Baroque period and are studying a very famous piece called ‘music for a while’ by Purcell. They are working hard to prepare for their ensemble performance recital and are currently composing their own dance tracks for AP2.

We are really proud of the many different musical ensembles we have at AJK and there are lots of things going on this term including many performance opportunities. Pupils are working extremely hard in instrumental lessons and we have a new song writing club after school on a Wednesday and a new Saz enrichment on a Friday. Look at the extra-curricular timetable and speak to Ms Morris or Ms Charatan if you want to get involved!

Upcoming events in music:

  • 5th March: GCSE music trip to the Royal Festival Hall
  • 6th March: Enfield music festival – some of our pupils are performing! Tickets available: www.millfieldtheatre.co.uk
  • 8th March: GCSE Music recital evening
  • 20th March: Music scholars project presentation evening