Wonderful Work in Music

Year 7 students are working hard for their exciting production of Oliver. All classes are rehearsing their songs and practising their actions to get ready for the show on the 14th December. This is 7S4 practising their song ‘Pick a Pocket’ – it’s sounding great already!

Year 8 students have been exploring a new instrument this term: the Ukulele. All classes have been challenging themselves to learn songs such as ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Eleanor Rigby’. Here is 8S2 with their mid-term performance of Uptown Funk.

Our year 9s have been deepening their knowledge of Music Technology and are creating remixes of one of the most famous pieces of classical music: Pachelbel’s Canon. Their confidence in using the music software has really grown over the term and we are really proud of the amazing work that has been produced. They are also working on producing Gelcira and Brooke’s remix; it is still work in progress and we are really excited to hear the end product.

We are really proud of the many different musical ensembles we have at AJK, many of which you will be able to hear at the Oliver Performance/Christmas Concert on the 14th December. Alongside preparing for their performance, Guitar Club also recently had the opportunity to perfect and record their performance of ‘Beat it’ from last year. They worked really hard for this and really enjoyed their experience in our recording studio.


A reminder of upcoming events in music:

30th November: GCSE Recital Evening

14th December: Year 7 Oliver Performance and Christmas Concert (by ticket only)