Wonderful Work in Maths

Friday 10 May 2019

In the Maths department, a whole host of different topics are being explored this term!

Year 7 have begun their first foray into algebra by looking at the order of operations and the basic building blocks of algebra. Year 8 are looking at circle geometry and investigating the relationship between the circumference and diameter of a circle, discovering π for the first time. Year 9 are looking at the different transformations and will go on to study the effects when you combine transformations.

In KS4, year 10 are busy looking at probability in-depth in their lessons. In preparation for GCSEs next year, 10S1 completed some Sine and Cosine rule GCSE-style questions for Home Learning. Aidan Jewell, whose work is below, has shown excellent tenacity in solving the problems, and has also taken care to lay out his workings clearly like a true mathematician!

Our year 11s have worked so hard on their revision schemes of work and we wish then every success with their upcoming GCSE exams!