Wonderful Work in French


In Key Stage 3 this term we have been looking at the following:

Year 9 – In Year 9 this term we have been looking at the topic of holidays. Students have been doing some great work, really developing their ability to manipulate tenses and develop grammatical accuracy in the context of “les vacances.”

Year  8 – In Year 8 this term we have looked at the exciting subject of Harry Potter! This has enabled students to look at varying work on physical description, school subjects, school uniform, schools and much more!

Year 7 – In Year 7 this term we have introduced pupils to physical description. Students have so far done great work on describing key information about themselves. They have just completed birthdays and are starting work on nationalities.



In KS4 we have been studying the following.

Year 10 – In Year 10 this term we have focused on key grammar topics for the GCSE in the context of physical description. Students have also completed key speaking and reading assessments in order to have a great idea of what is expected from them in GCSE French.

Year 11 – In Year 11 this year students so far have completed a variety of interesting topics on the GCSE syllabus. Currently we have looked at future plans, the subjunctive mood, the world of work and will soon have looked at the topic of “our world and the environment.”