Wonderful Work - French

We’ve been doing a lot of excellent cultural research in French this half term. The year 7s designed their own masks, inspired by the traditional masks of several Francophone countries, and recently presented their designs (in French, of course!) to their classes and teachers – they not only showed excellent courage in doing their presentations, but also outstanding empathy while listening to others’ presentations, even offering them suggestions for how to improve their French! Year 8 have been learning how to give commands in French, and this culminated in creating their own recipe instructions. Their suggested flavour combinations were somewhat questionable to say the least, but their instructions really proved how much they had engaged in learning the imperative. The year 9s have been studying the massacre of Oradour during World War 2. Their empathy and curiosity really shone during this topic, with them producing some really thought-provoking creative and research-based projects. All students should be very proud of how much they have achieved in French – we look forward to seeing their efforts in the coming term!