Wonderful Work in Computing and Technology

We have made exciting improvements to our technology use across AJK at the start of this academic year.

All pupils now have logins for ‘Google Classroom’ which is where all online homework will be set. This is a brilliant system for the pupils to complete work and have it marked online, giving their teachers a great understanding of the progress they are making. It is accessed through www.classroom.google.com  

The Y10 pupils are using Google Classroom within our KS4 Technology and Programming enrichment to share documents and work collaboratively on improving their professional IT skills, and within GCSE computer science to complete work and practice programming using Python.

At KS3, pupils have chosen coding and advanced coding enrichments, where they are writing code in Java and html, as well as introduction to IT, where the pupils are learning how to touch type and the IT skills that will be needed in the workplace and for study.