Wonderful Work by Art Scholars

Friday 22 March 2019

On 14th March we celebrated the wonderful creative talent of our Year 9 artists at the Art Scholar’s evening.  Seven Scholars presented their artwork showing their research process and final piece. They responded brilliantly to searching questions from the audience.

The Scholar’s developed their work in response to one of three themes -  Messages, Nature vs Manmade or Disguise – and researched work by other artists to inspire their project.

In response to Messages, Christina created a series of photographic portraits inspired by Gillian Wearing, and Elina made an installation about female body image.  ‘Nature vs  Man-Made’ inspired  Betul's project about plastic pollution in our oceans including a shark made of plastic straws, and Abdulrahim showed nature being taken over by technology with his half-mechanical and half-natural butterfly.

All of the scholars showed reflectiveness and tenacity taking on ambitious themes with great originality and we look forward to seeing them continuing to confidently develop these skills when they start their GCSE Art course in Year 10.  Congratulations to the Year 9 Art Scholars.