Wonderful Work in Art

This term in Art, Year 7 have been working on their ‘Personality Printmaking’ project. The pupils will learn 3 new printmaking techniques; mono printing, poly tile printing and stencil printing. These 3 techniques will be layered to create a final piece which represents parts of the pupils’ personalities.

Year 8 have been working on their ‘Expressionist Portraits’ project, researching and responding to the art movement of ‘Expressionism’ and the work of portrait artist, Francoise Nielly, to create an expressionist portrait of themselves.

Year 9 have been working on a new ‘Mixed Media Journeys’ project. They have been studying mixed media art and researching our artist of the project, Mark Bradford. As you can see, pupils have developed their knowledge of composition through collage, and have explored tone, texture and pattern through different cardboard painting techniques. Pupils have also reflected upon their personal and aspirational journeys and begun to collect images and materials in preparation for their final pieces. Pupils have shown great courage and adaptability in experimenting with this new medium and we look forward to seeing their wonderful final creations!