Wonderful Work - Art

At the end of this term, pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 have completed their final pieces for their practical assessment in Art. All pupils have worked in practical exam conditions to complete independent work, assessed as part of their AP1.

Year 7 pupils have been developing their ‘Artist Alphabet’ project and have created inventive artist calligram final pieces. Year 8 pupils have been working on their ‘Abstract Cityscapes’ project and have created original abstract watercolour paintings.

Year 9 pupils, as you can see above, have been working on their ‘Ink Creatures’ project. All pupils have demonstrated great courage and adaptability in using ink and pen to create their surreal final pieces. Above is Rumeysa’s outstanding final piece, which includes a wide range of appropriately applied tone and texture.


All pupils have shown excellent tenacity in developing their ideas into stunning creations. Carefully selected final pieces will be proudly and professionally displayed in frames around the school. Please take a look at the artwork on your next visit.