Wonderful Work - Art

This term in Art, Year 7 have been working on their ‘Artist Alphabet’ project, exploring the formal elements of art. All pupils are developing their knowledge of fonts, words and artistic careers to create their very own artist calligram.

Year 8 have been working on their ‘Abstract Cityscapes’ project, researching and responding to the work of abstract artist and architect, Hundertwasser, to create their very own abstract cityscape painting.

Year 9 have been working on a new ‘Ink Creatures’ project, drawing  inspiration from animals, mythology and science, and studying the 1920s art movement ‘Surrealism’, to create their own ink creatures. As you can see, pupils developed their knowledge of composition through combining creatures. As well, pupils have explored tone, texture and pattern through pencil, pen and ink, in preparation for their final piece. Pupils have shown great courage and adaptability in experimenting with this new medium and we look forward to seeing their wonderful final creations!