Wonderful Work - Art

Year 7 are working on their ‘3D Dream Protectors’ project in Art this term. All pupils have just completed their ‘test piece’ (seen in the image) and some classes have started working on their ‘final piece’ (60% of their AP3). All pupils have learnt to work with new materials and techniques in 3D, for example using wool, fabric and sticks. They have learnt to express their dreams and aspirations, and show how these will grow and become real. Year 7 are developing their voices as independent artists, learning the necessary skills to be able to experiment and create original, meaningful pieces.

Year 8 and 9 are working on their ‘Identity Boxes’ project in Art this term. They have used new Graphic techniques to communicate their final design ideas for their 3D story, including 2D card layers and ‘found objects’ linked to their artist of this term, Joseph Cornell (see the excellent research page in the image). Some classes have started working on their ‘final piece’ (60% of their AP3) by covering the outside of their box with a relevant material linked to their story. We are really looking forward to seeing the final pieces completed!