Wonderful Work in Art

Year 9 have made an excellent start to their new project ‘Ink Creatures’. Pupils are developing their independent research, development and recording skills ahead of GCSE; by investigating appropriate Surrealist artists and collecting images to inspire and assist their creative process.

Year 8 have begun to design their sketchbook ‘nameplates’ for the year ahead – making links to their new project ‘Abstract Cityscapes’. Pupils will be receiving their first feedback of the year on this work; encouraging them to showcase their skills with the formal elements (e.g. tone and texture) and their knowledge of buildings/cities that show abstract or unusual elements.

Year 7 have made a curious and responsible start to their Art project this term – ‘The Artist Alphabet’, where pupils will use watercolour paints and colouring pencils to develop and showcase their knowledge of the formal elements (e.g. composition, tone and texture). Pictured are some wonderful examples of pupils’ artistic career HL posters/objects and their painting class-learning.