Wonderful Work in Art

It has been an exciting term at AJK. Pupils in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 have completed their final pieces for their practical assessment in Art. All pupils have shown great responsibility in completing their independent work in practical exam conditions where it has been assessed as part of their AP3.

Year 7 pupils have completed their ‘3D Dream protectors’ project and have created 3D pyramids consisting of their drawn aspirations which they then weaved wool and other materials around to protect their aspiration. Year 9 pupils have also completed their ‘3D Fantasy Shoe’ project where they created a 3D clay version of their fantasy shoes using different clay techniques that they learnt. Year 10s started on their ‘Fantastic and Strange’ workshops where they experimented with media such as paper marbling, portraiture drawing and digital art. The Year 10 pupils then selected an area to study to develop further for their AP3 and created a personal final piece on the theme of ‘Fantastic and Strange’. Year 8 have completed their ‘Story Box’ project and have created 2D layers with pen drawing techniques and found objects to create their scene. As you can see above, pupils have showed excellent creativity when creating their personal art pieces which is a testament to their dedication to the subject. Well done to our pupils for a successful year of Art in AJK!