Wonderful Work in Art

Friday 05 April 2019

This term in Art, Year 7 have been working on their ‘Personality Printmaking’ project, exploring the formal elements of art. All pupils have developed their knowledge of printmaking creating a print representing their personality using mono printing, poly tile printing and stencil printing.

Year 8 have been working on their ‘Expressionist Portraits’ project, researching and responding to the work of expressionist artists and using bold colour to convey emotion in their work.  Pupils used the grid technique to achieve accurately measured and correctly proportioned self portraits.

Year 9 have been working on their ‘Mixed Media Journey’ project, studying contemporary American artist Mark Bradford, who creates large-scale collaged works depicting the urban environment.   Pupils used their own personal materials (photographs, tickets, jotter pages, lyrics) to create a mixed media artwork reflecting their journey from childhood into the future.   As you can see, pupils developed their knowledge of composition, collage, texture and paint techniques to create highly inventive artworks.  We look forward to seeing more from our talented artists and designers here at AJK!