Welcome Back

We are delighted to welcome our pupils back to AJK this week. The start of the year gives us a great opportunity to reflect on and celebrate our successes of the last year, while thinking ahead to our next challenges.

This week marks the opening of AJK 6th form – with a significant number of our pupils returning to the school to study KS5 courses. Our pupils have amazing role models in our new Year 12 cohort, who have achieved exceptional results in their GCSEs. For more details, see here http://arkjohnkeats.org/news/outstanding-gcse-success-students-ark-john-....

For Y7-11, they will be working in their tutor groups learning about the year ahead, how their character will developing and developing their key learning dispositions.

For details about our open sessions this term, please follow this link http://arkjohnkeats.org/open-days.

To find out more about the Sixth Form, please follow this link http://arkjohnkeats.org/welcome-sixth-form. 

Our staff have had 7 days of training in developing the curriculum and planning for the upcoming year.

At AJK, it is a privilege to work with such a committed, altruistic and kind body of pupils and staff, and we are really looking forward to the start of the new academic year.

Mr Mackintosh

Secondary Headteacher