STEM club celebrate National Pathology week

Thursday 06 November 2014

At ARK John Keats Academy the STEM club celebrated National Pathology week by studying disease in great detail and they have written about their experience below.

Mr Mackintosh, Head of Science. 

This term we celebrated National Pathology Week in STEM club, carrying out pathology based practicals to investigate and discover what can make us unwell. We have been growing our own bacteria, dissecting a sheep’s heart and looking at blood cells.

We collected microbes with a cotton bud from our mouth, fingers, keyboards, classroom desks and skin and grew them on agar plates.

After leaving them to grow for one week we were amazed to see bacteria we could identify as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus as well as lots of different types of fungi. We looked at the colonies under our microscopes and were amazed by what we had grown. This was our introduction to pathology, seeing the different things all around us that could cause diseases.

We then dissected sheep hearts and saw the fat, arteries, veins, muscles and valves. One heart was very unhealthy, with thick fat around the outside, and some arteries that were nearly blocked. We researched what could have caused this, and diagnosed that this sheep was at a high risk of a heart attack (had it still been alive!).

We have really loved our introduction to Pathology through Pathology Week and are looking forward to doing even more in the future!

By Stephanie, Bertan, Pedro, Yagmur, Kardelen and Denise.