Thank you for taking the time to view our plans for our 6th form building – we are really excited to share them with you. 

To accommodate the sixth form, we need to build a new sixth form centre. The proposals will include the demolition of an existing 2 storey Science Block of 2 classrooms, the provision of temporary accommodation classrooms, and the construction of a new 3 storey block to accommodate 300 sixth form students.

This would be located between the existing Art and Science facilities, and would include:

  • 4 specialist science laboratories/classrooms
  • 15 classrooms
  • A large study space
  • A large common room
  • Office space, prep room and amenities

We had planned to do an open consultation evening, inviting the local community to view plans and discuss our planning application, however current restrictions prevent that from happening. Instead, I have set out below our rationale and plans for the project below.

This new building will not increase the school roll above the agreed 1855, it will simply allow us to provide a sixth form for our pupils without impacting the education we can provide for our other pupils.

Below are images of the planned design, and further details of the building project and need for the space, which hopefully provides all the information you require.

If you have any questions or comments about this application, please complete this form and someone from the school will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your support in this exciting part of our journey as a school.


Background to planning application

Ark John Keats Academy opened in September 2013 with the intention to ultimately run as a 3-18 academy, to include nursery, primary and secondary phases plus a sixth form. The school has built up year by year with its first reception classes starting in September 2013, its first year 7 cohort joining in 2014.

The school has been very popular with the local community and is the most oversubscribed non-selective school in the borough, with year 7 places oversubscribed by around 3 to 1. Parents and pupils have chosen Ark John Keats Academy based on the understanding that it will have post-16 provision and are totally committed to the vision that their children will be supported to gain high quality university places or be able to enter an aspirational career of their choice.

The school achieved outstanding status from Ofsted in 2015 and their first set of GCSE results fell within the top 2% nationally. To continue to provide this for existing pupils and to accommodate a successful sixth form, the school requires additional building.

Temporary accommodation is required to house the second cohort of sixth form pupils and pupils who would normally use the 2 science labs being demolished from September until the new building is ready.  As soon as the new building is ready for occupation, the temporary accommodation will be removed.


Rationale for new building

The new school opened on the site of a previous school in a partly refurbished and partly rebuilt building and the works were funded by the DfE working to their standard floor area for a school of this size.  As the school has filled it has become apparent that the building cannot accommodate the sixth form. This has arisen for two main reasons, each of which on their own would lead to additional space requirements and combined exacerbate the issue.

Because it is not a 100% new purpose-built building, the floor area does not translate to adequate teaching spaces, including some very large specialist rooms, and ‘prep’ rooms that could not be made into suitable teaching spaces. In addition, the specific needs in the secondary phase require smaller groups and specialised teaching facilities. This is to address the high level of deprivation, high number of pupils with English as an additional language and special educational needs of the pupil demographic, which was not accounted for in the original DFE accommodation allowance. This has meant that the space nominally planned for the sixth form has had to be re-designated.

Demand for the Ark John Keats Sixth form is high. For the 2o19 cohort, we had 180 applications. Intake for September 2019 was limited to only the numbers it was possible to accommodate on the site, 84.  This number was only possible as the primary school was not full at all age groups which will not be the case from September 2020.


Details about AJK 6th form

Ark John Keats Sixth Form is different to other local sixth forms. All pupils are rigorously prepared for further study. All pupils study the AJK Certificate of Leadership, which has strands which demonstrate their contribution to the local community and leadership skills. Pupils complete ‘CHARACTER’ lessons three times per week, where they learn about their further study options, the local community, the news and PSHE. Pupils also take part in enrichment.

All pupils have an academic mentoring relationship with their form tutor, who guides their work and supports them to prepare for UCAS and further study. The 6th form pupils are an essential part of the culture of Ark John Keats, providing mentoring to younger pupils, supporting in running the library and school council.

The curriculum is academic in nature, with pupils studying one of the following options:

  • 3 A levels
  • 3 A levels plus an extended project qualification (EPQ)
  • 4 A levels
  • Applied Business Professional Pathway (Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma) with accompanying workreadiness courses and with work experience/visits to key employers
  • Applied Science Professional Pathway (Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma) with accompanying workreadiness courses and with work experience/visits to key employers (due to space constraints, this course did not run this year, but will in future)

There is a need for this 6th form in this area of Enfield, as none of the local schools within 3 miles can offer what we currently offer:

  • Outstanding provision
  • Wider curriculum – the professional pathway support to extend the BTEC Level 3 programme, including access to employers
  • Character education that continues in to 6th form
  • Exceptionally wide range of enrichment activities, including mentoring and support for pupils in lower year groups.



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