Ark John Keats Academy is currently closed and our pupils are learning at home.

For Home Learning resources please click below: 

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For Safeguarding support for pupils and parents click here.

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 For all general enquiries please email or call 0208 4433113

Updated: 31st March 2020 09.00am

Secondary home learning during school closure

We will regularly update the work set for pupils on the school website.

All pupils have been given copies of the home study packs to complete during the school closure, and they are also available by following the links below.

If you are not self-isolating, it is possible to pick up spare copies of the work from school reception.

Your tutor or head of year will be in contact regularly to discuss the work and how you are.

Pupils will need to be able to access Google Classroom. They were re-issued with their usernames this week. Their password is the same as the one used to log in to the school computer.

If you require the password reset, please email with the subject ‘Password Reset’.


Home learning pages are:

Year 7 -

Year 8 -

Year 9 -

Year 10 -

Year 11 -


There are lots of brilliant additional study resources available on:

BBC Bitesize -

Hegarty Maths -

Seneca Learning -