Thursday 05 March 2015

Pupils have been working hard in preparation for their assessment week (10th-12th  March). We were extremely pleased with how well pupils approached their exams at Christmas. They showed great responsibility by planning their revision at home and bringing all the materials they needed for their in school revision slots. They showed tenacity by reflecting on what they needed to spend the most time revising and setting themselves goals for the number of greens and blues they would get on their report. They also showed tenacity during the exams themselves, which require long periods of concentration over three days. For this assessment period, you can help by making sure your child is revising every night in the run up to the exams and during exam week. There are lots more tips for how you can support each subject area in the assessment information booklet that was given out on Monday (and is attached to this email). Reports will go out in the last week of term and we expect to see lots of green and blue reflecting all the hard work that pupils have put in over the last 6 months.