Friday 19 June 2015

Our nine poetry scholars have been attending a lunchtime poetry club in which they have read a variety of poets from Shakespeare to D. H. Lawrence. Inspired by the Poet Laureate’s collection of poems ‘Answering Back’, their poetry scholars project involves reading a poem from an established poet and then writing an ‘answer back’. Their poem is now in the drafting stage, a process that involves 1:1 feedback from Mr Rowley or Ms Henderson along with support from the other poetry scholars. At the end of the project, they will present a reading of their chosen famous poem along with a reading of their own ‘answering back’ poem, followed by a Q and A on their poetic choices. Below you can read a second draft of Angela King’s poem, ‘If there were a winter’s day so perfect’:


If there were a winter’s day so perfect – Angela King


If there were a winter’s day so perfect,

that would make you rise on a fresh, cold breeze


that would make you want to take your hat off

and feel the breeze through your hair


and tear off your gloves

to wave your tingly, numb fingers,


a day when the frosty brick paths

and the blinding, sparkly spider’s webs


seemed so pleasing to the human eye

that they made you feel like grabbing


a camera and capturing the moment

to remember such a beautiful day, before tomorrow,


fulfilling your intentions

to satisfy your bursting ideas


so that you could look back at that moment

smiling with happiness


dreading the next season

that is to come tomorrow