Pillar Day

The school has recently had its second Pillar Day with our pupils again showing their fantastic character in a variety of different experiences.

Year 7 – half of the year visited the Tate Modern Art Gallery and demonstrated their reflectiveness by sharing their thoughts on different art pieces. The rest of the year group stayed in school and showed their adaptability in researching the science behind food, cooking a curry and designing a box for their meal. You can see some examples of our young entrepreneurs work.

Year 8 – following on from their Drama workshops in school for the last Pillar Day, Year 8 made visits to see Aladdin and the School of Rock. Our staff received numerous compliments about how well-mannered and polite our pupils were during both the travel and play. Their work during the previous Pillar Day set up our pupils incredibly work to understand all the intricate set designs, plot developments and specific jobs that went into producing such amazing performances. The pupils had an amazing time and hopefully the experience has inspired the next generation of actors and performers.

Year 9 – took part in a Maths Problem Solving Day. They displayed their curiosity through solving number puzzles to crack a murder mystery, learning the different ways numbers could be represented and taking part in a physical maths challenge. Throughout their team work was incredibly impressive, a visiting maths teacher was amazed by the enthusiasm and shared responsibility pupils took in solving these problems.

Year 10 – demonstrated a real sense of maturity and empathy during their Sexual Education Day. Our pupils took part in immersive theatre to show the dangers of peer pressure on young people and had space to discuss important issues on safety, gender roles and consent. They were a real credit to themselves and the theatre company were incredibly glowing about how thoughtful, grown up and kind the year group were.

Year 11 – took part in their interviews for Sixth Form. For those staff lucky to be involved, it was an incredibly impressive day. Our pupils were well prepared, thoughtful in their responses and incredibly determined to maximise their potential. As some of our pupils prepare to join a different schools it was a really telling day to show how much progress they have made over the past 5 years. Their tutors and families must be incredibly proud of them.

The next Pillar Day will be on Friday 8th March. Your child will receive information about this event during their first prep session back.