PE Fixtures Update

Friday 10 May 2019

This term in PE pupils have worked extremely hard both in and out of lessons.

We have had some great successes in the Enfield Netball League, with the Year 10 team finishing 3rd and the Year 8 team as runners up. The girls worked well together during their training and matches which allowed them to progress their way up in the league more effectively than other teams.

A number of Year 11 GCSE pupils were selected to have their practical performance and assessment work moderated. This involved all these pupils spending a day at Latymer and demonstrating excellent adaptability as they had to work with pupils from different schools. Feedback from the moderator and other staff was excellent as our pupils represented Ark John Keats Academy well as they took leadership in ensuring they were at the right place at the right time and put maximal effort into their performances throughout the day.

Sports Leaders have done a fantastic job this term with a number of Year 10 pupils leading Key Stage 3 enrichment activities and sessions to develop their leadership skills. They have created a range of warm up activities, drills and games to allow Key Stage 3 pupils to develop. This has also created great opportunity for younger pupils to view older pupils leading these sessions as role models who were once at the same stage in school. It has been a real pleasure seeing these pupils wanting to give back to the school by taking responsibility and leading these sessions effectively.

A huge thanks is owed to a number of Year 10 boys who offered to referee in a primary school basketball tournament which was hosted at Ark John Keats. The following pupils; Deniz, Erfan, Joshua, Kaleem, Kamali, Kerim and Sinan refereed a number of games which allowed the 3v3 tournament to run smoothly. The feedback from the tournament organiser and primary staff from a number of local schools was exceptional. It is a pleasure to hear such positive feedback about our pupils.