Outstanding GCSE success for students at Ark John Keats Academy

Students, staff and the community have a lot to be proud of as their results make John Keats one of the highest performing schools in the country in terms of academic progress made across the subject range, with an estimated Progress 8 score of +0.9. We are particularly pleased with our English results, where pupils achieved 88% 4+.

Pupils at Ark John Keats Academy also demonstrated their ability to achieve the highest possible grades, including 61 9s and 118 8s (equivalent to the previous A* and upper A grades).

Among Ark John Keats’ strongest performers in this year’s GCSEs was Jibril Abdi, who achieved 9 grade 9s – setting a record for the school and achieving something few others in the country have.

Abida Alom, who achieved 6 grade 9s and 4 grade 8s said: ‘The teachers are very supportive. They don’t tell you what you can’t do – they encourage you to follow your dreams. I aspire to become an architect. I want to be able to say ‘I built that’

Ark John Keats’ Executive Principal, Jane Witheford said: We are so proud of what the pupils have achieved. The results were possible because of the ambition and hard work of pupils, staff and parents working together to create a great school where everyone can realise their full potential. The pupils have excelled themselves to gain qualifications that will bring great opportunities and enable them to pursue their aspirations. They have also developed a strength of character and work ethic that will ensure they continue to be successful in whatever they choose to do next.

Most of the pupils will continue at Ark John Keats Academy and build on their progress as part of the founding year of the new sixth form – opening September 2019.