Music at AJK

We have a very exciting year ahead of us in the Music department! We have already begun all of our enrichment activities which take place at lunch time, during prep, timetabled enrichment and after school. Pupils have also begun their instrumental lessons which are on offer in a number of different instruments including: piano/keyboard, guitar, violin, cello, flute, saxophone, clarinet and drums. Our first performance at school is going to be of ‘Oliver!’ at the end of the term where year 7s will perform what they’ve been learning in music and drama. The Musical Theatre enrichment will also be performing their production of ‘Hairspray’ at the end of the term and they are working very hard towards this.

In lessons, year 7 have begun a topic called ‘Finding your voice’ where they are using their tenacity to work hard towards their performance of ‘Oliver!’ at the end of term. Year 8 are completing a topic on band skills and using their altruism and responsibility to work together in order to produce a band performance. Year 9 are learning to play Pachelbel’s Canon and have been using their tenacity and courage to play new things and to create their own re-mixes of Pachelbel’s Canon.