Key Stage 4 Enrichement

Rather than winding down, things are gearing up towards the end of the year in Enrichment, as we prepare our hugely exciting KS4 Enrichment Programme. As opposed to changing enrichment activities every term, students are going to spend two years following a pathway of their choice, delving into and deepening their knowledge of one particular area they are passionate about, alongside wellbeing and raising aspirations modules. Here are a few sneak peeks of what students have to look forward to:

In Art and Design, students are going to plan and curate their own art exhibition, which will involve preparing works to be exhibited, as well as each student taking responsibility for a certain aspect of the exhibition.

In Linguistic and Cultural Studies, students will study Russian ab initio, and learn about Russian culture, including various festivals and its diverse geography.

For students who have enjoyed our coding enrichments so far, in Technology and Programming, students will develop their programming skills for commercial and professional purposes, and have an opportunity to publish a product that they have created.


Staff and students can’t wait to get started on this fantastic programme in September.