Introducing Our New Principal

Ark John Keats Academy are proud to welcome Ms Jo Facer to our team. Ms Facer has spent the past year overseeing the foundation of a new Ark school that will open in West London in 2021. Having trained as an English teacher with Teach First in Southwark, she has worked in a number of schools in London and Kent as a Head of Department, Assistant and Vice Principal. Ms Facer writes regularly for the Times Educational Supplement, and her book about education, Simplicity Rules, was published in 2019 by Routledge.

Ms Facer said: “It is a great privilege to lead Ark John Keats at this point in the school’s development. With strong foundations and a great staff team, as well as the massive benefit of being able to work with children from their first to last years of education, from reception to sixth form, we are well-placed to go from strength to strength in the coming years. It is my belief that all children can achieve all things if given the appropriate curriculum, teaching and support. I look forward to the Ark John Keats pupils continually raising our collective expectations of what is possible.

Mr Collins, our Regional Director, said “I am delighted with Ms Facer’s appointment as Principal. She has a very clear and Ark-aligned vision for an excellent education that I believe will serve the pupils and staff of AJK very well in the months and years ahead. Having worked with Ms Facer over the last year I also know she will bring humility, dedication, rigour and care to the Principal’s role and leadership of our great school.”

Ms Cole, our Chair of Governors, said "Ms Facer is an excellent appointment for AJK. I and other members of the Governing body are looking forward to working with her to build on the strong foundations that have been laid by the previous leadership at AJK. Ms Facer brings experience of working across the Ark network to AJK and her insight and expertise will enable AJK to go from strength to strength."

Please find below a letter form Ms Facer. 

New Principal Letter - 180620.pdf