On Tuesday 15 March, the Year 8s took part in a STEM Curriculum Day hosted in school. The day gave pupils the chance to engage with their subjects in new ways with a clear focus on aspirations. Pupils demonstrated impressive curiosity as they learned about the variety of potential careers that can be pursued linked to the subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). At Ark John Keats Academy, we’re committed to opening pupils’ eyes to the full range of jobs available to them so that they can go on to have a happy, fulfilling career.


Pupils completed three activities during the day: an introduction to computational thinking and coding; a robotics activity with external visitors; and either a sports nutrition or music technology session. In coding, pupils showed tenacity when solving problems of increasing complexity, and then especially when working through the activities to complete The Hour of Code on It was great to see pupils so proud of their certificates after completing the Frozen, Star Wars or Minecraft challenges! In their sports nutrition session, pupils learned about the components of a healthy, balanced diet. They had to show adaptability when applying their knowledge of nutrition to meet the needs of an athlete. Pupils also created music for an advert in their music technology activity, which gave them the chance to think about the numerous types of vocations available to talented musicians, from being a sound technician to a conductor.