Character this Term

First Give Programme – Year 8 Character

This term, our year 8 pupils have been completing the First Give programme during their Character sessions. The programme supports pupils to research charities in their local area and produce group presentations raising awareness of an issue they selected. This project demands our pupils hone important presentation skills and work together effectively in teams. The First Give programme also provides a wonderful opportunity for pupils to cultivate their altruism and empathy when exploring issues concerning our local area.

This week, 5 groups will be selected from across the year to compete in the school final. These groups will have to present to a large audience and be judged by a representative from First Give, a manager from a local charity and Ms Witheford  from our school. These five groups will have one more week to rehearse.

The winning group’s charity will be awarded £1,00 from the First Give Team. The second and third prizes will have £250 donated to each of their charities.