Thursday 12 March 2015

Over the first four terms at ARK John Keats Academy, our Character programme has become a point of pride. As maturing young people, our pupils are constantly developing their character. Our programme focuses on nine traits to support this development:

Curiosity; Honesty; Altruism; Reflectiveness; Adaptability; Courage; Tenacity; Empathy; Responsibility


The programme is taught directly through Character sessions 3 times a week, but the principles are embedded into everything we do. Pupils work tirelessly to demonstrate these characteristics though their work, their conduct and their passion for learning.


This term we have focused on the character traits of Responsibility, Tenacity, Curiosity, Honesty and Courage. We have led Character sessions focused on managing stress to try and support pupils during exams. There have also been sessions on democracy to encourage pupils to engage with the upcoming election.


Each Friday, pupils lead discussions on an issue in the news, which is linked to the characteristic of the week. All pupils are expected to contribute; even the discussions themselves are chaired and regulated by the pupils. Our Character sessions are enjoyed both by the pupils and their tutors. It is a joy to watch pupils use these characteristics within their language and consider issues that are often outside of their experience.


With both an assessment point this term and an upcoming general election, our pupils will have an opportunity to utilise their skills and knowledge over the next few weeks, in lessons, around school and at home.


Character merits are awarded if a member of staff feels that a pupil has demonstrated a characteristic. At the end of term, these merits can mean prizes!