Back to School

Thursday 08 October 2020

Our pupils have been welcomed back enthusiastically by all our staff and are settling back in wonderfully. After six months away from school our pupils are showing their excellent character and desire to beginning learning. Ark John Keats has seen significant change along with all schools in the country and our pupils have shown outstanding patience and kindness in adapting to these necessary changes to the way we work to put safety first. This has included pupils taking great ownership over their tutor group bases and year group zones, some new ways of working such as virtual assemblies and adjusting to the new timings of the school day.


It has been wonderful to see the significant amount of learning taking place both in lessons and at home. Pupils have been taking great responsibility for their effort in subject lessons as well as in character. Homework completion has also been high which has directly impacted academic progress. Our key stage three pupils are working hard on their new homework packs and our key stage four pupils are working incredibly hard and making excellent contributions in their GCSE lessons. Year 7 are currently in the lead with our merit count and we look forward to seeing the competition continue!


Excitingly, we have welcomed back our first Year 13 cohort who are currently finalising their personal statements for their university applications. Both they and Year 11 are working hard in lessons and through independent revision for their AP1 November mocks. There is a sense of urgency in these lessons about upcoming exams and a desire in our pupils to meet their potential. We have also welcomed our new Year 12 cohort who have made the big step from GCSE to BTEC and A Level courses. They have begun these qualifications with dedication and rigour which has been seen in their effective use of the Year 12 study space and through their homework.


As we approach October half-term we are incredibly proud of the hard work shown by our pupils, their belief that they can always learn and improve and their commitment to working hard so that they can realise their full potential.