Art At AJK

Monday 19 October 2020

This term in Art, Year 7 have been working on their Artist Alphabet project, exploring the formal elements of art, developing skills to visually communicate through fonts, words, colour and images, to create their personal Artist Calligram. They have also designed their own nameplates as part of an introduction to visual language.

Year 8 have demonstrated curiosity, independence and creativity, generating their own original ideas inspired by the abstract work of 2 artists and architects- Hundertwasser and Gaudi. They are creating their unique “Abstract Cityscape” work by the end of this term.

Year 9 have been working on their “Surreal Creatures” project, having researched 1920’s Art Movement “Surrealism”. They have drawn inspiration from animals, mythology & science to create their own creature using drawing and collage.

Pupils have shown great courage and adaptability in experimenting with this new medium and we look forward to seeing their wonderful final creations.