AJK Y11 Transition Programme

Friday 21 May 2021

We are writing to let you know about the support and resources available to you as you transition from Y11 into the next stage of your education, whether that be here with us at AJK or elsewhere. We know that as well as being an exciting time, leaving Y11 can also be daunting, and your teachers continue to be here for you throughout the summer term to provide support and guidance with your preparations for next year.

The following resources and programmes are on offer to you over the summer term, and further details of can be found in this letter.

  1. Ark Virtual Summer Programme
  2. Form Induction
  3. Bridging work and resources
  4. Ark Alumni Network

Ark Virtual Summer Programme

The Ark Virtual Summer Programmes offer free courses, information, activities, live events, virtual work experience and other opportunities to help you prepare for the next stage in your education. As an Ark school, we are part of a network of 38 schools. We have worked together to bring the very best resources together in one place for you. Whether you are starting sixth form, college, university, an apprenticeship or entering a career of their choice, the programme will help you to think about where you are headed and how to be successful whatever choices you make.

Accessing the Virtual Summer Programme

You can access the Virtual Summer Programme by going to Ark’s learning platform, SPArk, (https://arkschools.sharepoint.com/sites/Summerprogramme/ ) and entering your school username and password. If you are accessing the platform on a school Chromebook, you will automatically be logged into SPArk.

Form Induction


For those of you continuing your education with us next year, you will be attending a two day sixth form induction programme on 10th – 11th June. On these days you will have the opportunity to meet the sixth form team, spend time in the sixth form centre, learn about the expectations and opportunities available to you, and most importantly spend time learning about the courses you will be studying next year. Your teachers will be delivering introductory lessons in your chosen subjects and sharing crucial work with you to complete before you begin your A-Levels or Professional Pathways in September.


Bridging work and resources


To prepare you for the academic challenge of next year, your teachers have created work for you to complete ahead of starting your courses in September. If you are continuing your studies at AJK sixth form, you will be discussing this work with your subject teachers during the induction. For those of you studying elsewhere, you will be provided with work relevant to your courses and your form tutors will be in touch to ensure you are happy with how to approach this work.  

Ark Alumni Network

Alongside the Virtual Summer Programme, Ark’s Alumni Network is open to all Ark students. Through the Alumni network, you can connect with fellow Ark alumnus professionally, academically and socially; develop your skills and experiences through exclusive access to internships, graduate schemes, mentoring, job opportunities and events; and you will also have opportunities to give back to the Ark community and share your skills and experiences. Join here: https://arkalumni.hivebrite.com/


Keep in touch!

Whatever your plans for next year, your teachers here at AJK are here to offer support and guidance to you as you make the transition from Y11 into Sixth Form. If you need anything, please feel free to contact your Form Tutor or teacher and they will be able to direct you to the support you need. I hope you can use this information to make the most of the opportunities available to you as you embark on this next exciting stage in your life.