Secondary January Start Dates

Secondary return to school in January

Monday 6th January 2020: Inset Day (School closed to pupils)

Tuesday 7th January 2020: 

  • Y7 - Start at 8.25am finish at 12.30pm
  • Y8 - Start at 1.55pm finish at 4.00pm
  • Y9 - Not required to attend
  • Y10 - Not required to attend
  • Y11 - Start at 8.25am finsih at 2.00pm
  • Y12 - Not required to attend

Wenesday 8th January 2020: All pupils start at 8.25am


Secondary pupils will be leaving the school site from January at the following times:

  • Monday 4.00pm
  • Tuesday 4.00pm
  • Wednesday 3.00pm
  • Thursday 4.00pm
  • Friday 3.00pm


Please refer to the letter sent home with pupils regarding Supported Study sessions available. 



AJK Pillar Day

Our pupils took part in their second Pillar Day of the year and had a wonderful time, learning lots about their character and experiencing learning in new ways and in different environments.

Year 7 – half the year went to the Tate Modern Art Gallery. Our pupils were a great credit to the school in terms of how responsibly they travelled to and from the venue and received many positive comments from the public about their manners and how mature they were. Inside the Tate our pupils got to grips with lots of exciting installations, sculptures and paintings, using their trip booklet to help them draw and record these pieces as well as asking about their own artistic responses to them.

The second half of the Year took part in an Art and Design day. Our pupils took part in a workshop to show them the calorie level of different types of food, worked in teams to cook an exciting vegetarian Thai curry and then designed their own box to take their curry home in.

Year 8 – half of our year group attended the Victoria and Albert Museum to learn more about the history of set and costume design. Our pupils saw items from the era of Shakespeare as well as more modern examples from films like Titanic. The day investigating drama was capped off by seeing the play Wicked at the Apollo Theatre. Our pupils were really impressed by the staging of the play and were able to pick out lots of the different aspects of the theatre Industry which they had viewed during the day. The rest of our Year group took part in a drama day in school, taking part in a directing workshop led by a professional actor, writing their own script about the mysterious case of the missing Mr Bryant and finally pupils worked in our music room to use the latest software technology to compose their own musical accompaniment to an extract from the film Aladdin – the same story they had seen in the theatre at our last Pillar Day.

Year 9  - took part in a maths and problem solving day. Pupils showed great tenacity and reflectiveness to apply their mathematical knowledge in a brand new setting. Pupils worked in teams to build a chute to move a marble using old newspaper and their engineering knowledge, learnt to unpick the ancient number system of the Mayans and took part in a number of problem solving tasks to uncover the identity of a murderer! It was great to see our pupils work so well together and learn from their mistakes to solve these problems.

Year 10 – our pupils took part in their Raising Aspirations day, getting to meet current students and ask them questions about life at university and the secrets to a successful application. They were fascinated about the different backgrounds and journeys these students had taken into further education and their key message of working hard and caring about the subject you are studying resonated with our pupils.