AJK Enrichment

Students have just selected their enrichment activities for January term, and have chosen from over 52 activities. Starting in January, we have 9 new activities, including cheerleading, run by a certified coach; politics; and the AJK Charity Project. Some students have chosen to continue with their enrichments from this term, in order to really hone their skills and knowledge in that area. One Year 8 student said “I chose Short Stories for a second time, as I really enjoy creative writing and coming up with creative and new ideas. I also really enjoy how every week we read a new story with a surprising twist each time.” Another student who has chosen to continue with Music Technology enrichment described the variety of things she has learned: “such as how to use Logic Pro and Garageband, and how to create music using a computer.” Tiegan has helped run a competition in Green Schools enrichment to find the most environmentally friendly form, and remarked that she enjoys “letting each class have a fair chance at winning an eco award”.


Enrichment Activities HT3.pdf