Enrichment at AJK

Once again, our students have an amazing breadth of activities to take part in this term, and they made a fantastic start to their activities on Friday. For students interested in art, we’ve got puppetry, fashion illustration, 3D sculptures and life drawing. For any keen linguists, Latin, Japanese and Spanish are all available. For those wanting to learn more about the world and its history, we have green schools, philosophy, politics, global affairs. For students wanting to stretch their imagination, poetry, drama, ancient myths and storytelling and short stories are all options. For our students who are interested in pursuing scientific careers we have advanced coding, introduction to IT, science ethics and debating, STEM club, coding and STEM pathways. All of these are a fraction of what we have on offer this term, and all staff and students are looking forward to the way we will develop our skills and character through these extremely enjoyable activities.