Please download our policies below.


General Policies

Accessibilty Policy and Plan.pdf

 Anti Bullying Policy.pdf

Attendance and Punctuality Policy.pdf

Bakers Clause Policy Statement.pdf

CCTV Policy.pdf

Charging and Remission Policy .pdf

Complaints Policy.pdf 

Formal Complaint Form.docx

Data Protection & Freedom of Information Policy (April 2018-April 2021).pdf

Equality Policy.pdf

E-Safety Policy.pdf

Examination Policy.pdf

Access Arrangement Policy.pdf

Disability Exams Policy.pdf

Examination Complaints and Appeals Policy.pdf

Examination Contingency Plan.pdf

Examination Word Processor Policy.pdf

Examinations GDPR Policy.pdf

Exams Archiving Policy.pdf

Exams Lockdown Policy.pdf

Internal Appeals Procedure.pdf

Non-examination Assessment Policy.pdf

Exclusions Policy.pdf

GDPR Privacy Notice:

Privacy Notice - Parents and Carers.pdf

Privacy Notice - Pupils Y8 and under.pdf

Privacy Notice - Pupils Y9 and above.pdf

Responsible Use of Student Image Policy.pdf

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.pdf

COVID-19 Addendum for Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.pdf

Safeguarding Policy - Appendix A B and C.pdf

Safeguarding Policy - Appendix D - Recruitment and appointment policy.pdf

SEND Information Report.pdf

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy.pdf

Uniform Policy.pdf

Whistleblowing Policy.pdf


Primary Policies

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy.pdf

Primary Assessment Policy.pdf

Primary Behaviour Policy.pdf

Primary Behaviour Policy Addendum during COVID.pdf

Primary Off-Site Visits Policy.pdf

Primary Parent Handbook 2019-2020.pdf

Primary SEN & Disabled Policy.pdf


Secondary Policies

Secondary Assessment Policy.pdf

Secondary Behaviour Policy.pdf

Secondary Behaviour Policy Addendum during COVID.pdf

Secondary Curriculum Policy.pdf

Secondary Home School Agreement.pdf

Secondary SEN & Disabled Policy.pdf

Secondary Teaching and Learning Policy.pdf

The academy also has an Emergency Plan in place for all unforeseen emergencies. The SLT team have been provided the relevant training to deal with these and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our pupils.