From year 1, pupils will be tested every 6 weeks in every subject. We believe our pupils must be taught an academic and challenging curriculum and parents must be kept regularly informed of their child’s starting points, targets and current level in every subject on a regular basis. This will enable parents to support their child’s academic development on a regular and well-informed basis. Parents will receive an electronic report every 6 weeks explaining the progress their child is making against their targets.

Reception children will be assessed against the Early Learning Goals on a continuous basis and parents will have three annual meetings and two written reports on their attainment and progress.



Pupils will be assessed every 12 weeks in every subject. Parents will receive data on their child’s progress and attainment. This report will also include information on attendance, punctuality and conduct. There will be an annual report to parents which reports on end of year exams and targets for the following year, and parents will receive progress reports three times annually. They will also have an annual meeting with each of their child’s teachers and this is a compulsory event for all parents and pupils.