Executive Principal

Jerry Collins  


 Jane Witheford  (Maternity Leave)


Amy Baird Primary Headteacher
Victoria Henderson Acting Secondary Headteacher

Senior Leadership

Danny Bryant Vice Principal (Discipline)
Frances Freeman Vice Principal (Head of VI Form, Raising Aspirations and Enrichment)
Nathaniel Nabarro Vice Principal (Character and Strong Discipline)
William Mackintosh Vice Principal (Curriculum and Assessment)
Ian Patterson Regional Associate Vice Principal
Marne Reynecke Primary Vice Principal
Sophie McKenzie Secondary Assistant Principal
Sean Mullarkey Secondary Assistant Principal
John Rowley Secondary Assistant Principal
Natasha Socrates Secondary Assistant Principal
Christina Wenzel Secondary Assistant Principal
Olamide Ola-Said Primary Assistant Principal


Pastoral and SEND

Marne Raynecke Primary Safeguarding Lead/ Vice Principal
Elizabeth May SEND Assistant
Bonnie Mendoza Head of EYFS
Ashley Johnston Head of Year 1/ Music Lead
Laura Christofis Head of Year 2/ Character Lead
Bradley David Head of Year 3/ Senior Teacher (Head of Behaviour)
Emmy Stanley Head of Year 4 & 5/ Specialist Teacher for KS2

Teaching Staff

Ozlem Hassan Nursery Manager
Janeal Marshall-Lavictoire Reception Teacher
Bonnie Mendoza Reception Teacher/ Head of EYFS
Karyn South Reception Teacher
Priyanka Das Y1 Teacher
Ashley Johnston Y1 Teacher/ Head of Year 1/ Music Lead
Doja Sowunmi Y1 Teacher and PE Lead
Laura Christofis Y2 Teacher/ Head of Year 2/ Character Lead
Stacey Joseph Y2 Teacher
Eve Kelsey Y2 Teacher
Natalee Colborn Y3 Teacher/ Head of Primary French and Humanities
Bradley David Y3 Senior Teacher and Head of Behaviour
Eliana Triteos Y3 Specialist Teacher KS2
Charlotte Gonella Y4 Specialist Teacher KS2 & Science Teacher
Madeleine Roberts Y4 Teacher/ English Lead
Polly Williams-Blythen Y4 Trainee Teacher
Chanti Camacho Y5 Specialist Teacher & Maths Lead
Joseph Etheridge Y5 Teacher
Imani Samuels Y5 Teacher
Emmy Stanley Y5 Teacher/Head of Year 4 & 5/ Specialist Teacher KS2
Helen Burey Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Gina Markou Nursery Teaching Assistant
Saida Serindag Nursery Teaching Assistant
Said Ali Reception Teaching Assistant
Tamara Elias Reception Teaching Assistant
Joanne Cuffie Reception Support Assistant
Nadia Laghzali Reception Support Assistant
Ozlem Ogut Ates Reception Support Assistant
Petina Plankj Reception Support Assistant
Dilan Bolat Y1 Teaching Assistant
Yazmin Cabrera Y1 Teaching Assistant
Elizabeth Turner Y1 Teaching Assistant
Evelyn Kwakye Y2 Support Assistant (Part-Time)
Lauren Page Y2 Teaching Assistant
Harriet Thomas Y2 Teaching Assistant
Asli Demirci Y3 Teaching Assistant
Natalie Hodge Y3 Teaching Assistant
Arzu Ucrak Y3 Teaching Assistant
Patra Sealey Y4 Teaching Assistant
Christopher Hodge Y5 Teaching Assistant
Esma Guler Teaching Assistant
Evi Ioannou Y1 Support Assistant


Pastoral and SEND

Danny Bryant Vice Principal
Nathaniel Nabarro Vice Principal
Rupert Davis Head of Year 7
Emma Dickson Head of Year 8
Chris West Head of Year 9
Christina Morgan Head of Year 10
Nicola Jones Head of Year 11
Lydia Socrates Pastoral Support Officer
Natasha Socrates Head of Inclusion/Assistant Principal
Deega Sufi Safeguarding Lead


Emily Hatcher Head of Art
Louise O’Reilly Art Teacher
Rachael Vaughan Art Teacher
Elvis Wang Art Teacher
Irfan Amin Head of Computing


Rebecca Young Head of Drama
Emily Dowbiggin Drama Teacher


John Rowley Head of English/ Assistant Principal
Francesca Kearns Deputy Head of English
Tasnim Azad English Teacher
Emma Dickson English Teacher/Head of Year 8
Zoe Gray English Teacher/KS4 English Lead
Adna Harris English Teacher/KS3 English Lead
Victoria Henderson English Teacher/ Acting Secondary Headteacher
Nicola Jones English Teacher/ Head of Year 11
Joanna Knight English Teacher
Lauren McMahon English Teacher
Christina Morgan English Teacher/ Head of Year 10
Thomas Moyser English Teacher
Lee Peddar English Teacher
Alice Robertson Mcisaac English Teacher/ Literacy Support and Intervention Co-ordinator
Alanna Smith English Teacher
Alex Williams English Teacher
Farzana Kauser English Teacher

Humanities (History /Geography/PRE)

Jennifer Bates Head of Humanities
Thomas Mackay Deputy Head of Geography
Isobel Currie Geography Teacher
Lauren Letherbarrow Geography Teacher
Eleanor Lacey Head of History
Luke Stuart Deputy Head of History
Rupert Davis History Teacher/ Head of Year 7
Edward Howat History Teacher
Sean Mullarkey History Teacher/ Assistant Principal
Nathaniel Nabarro History Teacher/ Vice Principal (Character and Strong Discipline)
Sara Youssef History Teacher
Sarah Nohavicka Head of PRE (Maternity Leave)
Keira Harvey Interim Head of PRE
Natasha Socrates PRE Teacher/ Assistant Principal (Inclusion)


Will Luck Head of Maths
Lauren  Russell Deputy Head of Maths
Danny Bryant Maths Teacher/ Vice Principal (Cross Phase Discipline)
Yue Cai Maths Teacher
Emily Davey Maths Teacher/ Deputy Pastoral Lead (Character)
Iolanda Fasulo Maths Teacher
Antonia Flockton Maths Teacher
Frances Freeman Maths Teacher/ Vice Principal (Head of VI Form, Raising Aspirations and Enrichment)
James  Harrison Maths teacher
Patricia Mbangui Maths Teacher
Laila Paydar Maths Teacher
Nigel Sedgley Maths Teacher
Christina Wenzel Maths Teacher/ Assistant Principal (Assessments and Data)

Modern Languages

Sophie  Mckenzie Head of MFL/ Assistant Principal
Rebecca Worth MFL Teacher/Head of Enrichment and Aspirations
Maybel Asamoah MFL Teacher
Angus Maxwell MFL Teacher
Hannah Raymont MFL Teacher
Helena Ruff MFL Teacher


Maria Morris Head of Music
Naomi Charatan Music Teacher/ Deputy Pastoral Lead
Marijke Welch Music Teacher


Rebecca Shank Head of PE
Ben Povey Deputy Head of PE
Anthony Panteli PE Teacher


Adele Barward Symmons Head of Science
Eugenia  Ahenkorah Science Technician
Vidhatta Chauhan Science Teacher
Razi  Hassan Science Teacher
William Mackintosh Science Teacher/ Vice Principal (Curriculum and Assessment)
Deega Sufi Science Teacher/ Safeguarding Lead
Kamani Suppiah Science Teacher
Holly Welham Lead Science Teacher
Chris West Science Teacher/ Head of Year 9
Shaun  Wood Lead Science Teacher
Serge Jovanovic Science Teacher
Salman Kebene Science Teacher

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Katie Noble Graduate Teaching Assistant
Amy Whitthread Graduate Teaching Assistant/ Inclusion Data and Assessment Lead
Rosie Wyatt Graduate Teaching Assistant
Peter Ajoku Graduate Teaching Assistant
Justin Bennett Graduate Teaching Assistant
Alice Greenidge Teaching Assistant


Fahmida Ahmed GCSE Tutor
Geraldine Conlon Williams GCSE Tutor

Operational Staff

Mitra Samsami Operations Manager
Jaspreet Grewal SLT Support
Amy Laing Finance Manager
Cecilia Leslie Finance & Resources Assistant
Olivia Kara Acting Secondary Coordinator
Gulsun Fuat Administrative Assistant
Hannah Elphick HR & Administration Assistant
Claire Skipp Secondary Receptionist
Anais Anderson Administrative Apprentice
Victoria Edwards Primary Coordinator (Maternity Leave)
Ceyda Beliger Interim Primary Coordinator
Bianca Douglas Primary Receptionist
Naleni Naidoo Data and Exams Officer

Site Team

Stuart Bartlett Site Supervisor
Christopher Bell Site Assistant
Jermaine Brissett Site Assistant
Scott Serjeant Site Assistant (Part Time)


Patrick Masterson Chef Manager
Yomi Adalade Head Chef
Sylvia Braithwaite Sous Chef
Liliana Cardiel Avila Chef de Partie
Esther Tetteh Assistant Chef
Ruth  Clarke Assistant Chef
Penny Andreou Catering Assistant
Mercy Badu Catering Assistant
Giuseppe Bruno Kitchen Porter
Curtis Bryan Kitchen Porter
Carrie Lloyd Catering Assistant
Monica Abbey Catering Assistant
Maria Carvalho Catering Assistant
Samira Bouzammour Catering Assistant
Sara Hassan Catering Assistant
Carla Cantiera Catering Assistant

Midday Meal Supervisors

Phoebe Hickman Senior Midday Meals Supervisor
Derya Bayeren Midday Meals Supervisor
Liza Shabnam Midday Meals Supervisor
Shakilla Sathiyaseelan             Midday Meals Supervisor
Carmen Ortega  Midday Meals Supervisor

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