Parent Workshops

Dear parents,

The school will hold a workshop for both primary and secondary parents this Wednesday. This will be a great opportunity to consider how we can maximise the termly meetings we hold between the school and parents to discuss the progress of your child. We will talk through top tips, how to prepare for these meetings and the types of questions you could be asking around progress. The workshop will last for 45 minutes and refreshments will be provided. The workshop will be held in the secondary building so please come to that the secondary reception.

Any questions please email

Kind regards

Sean Mullarkey


Upcoming Workshops:

Date Session Rationale
Term 4 


Wednesday 21st March

8.45am to 9.30am

Home learning -The importance of HL in Secondary 

- The importance of HL in Primary

-What great HL looks like

-Steps parents can take to support pupils at home with this

-Strategies to take with pupils when HL is not being completed regularly or to the expected standard.

Term 5 


Thursday 3rd May

8.45am to 9.30am

Character Introduce the CHARACTER programme and how it works in school. 

Explain the differences between CHARACTER in primary and secondary

Share different examples of how the language of CHARACTER could be used at home – e.g. using terms from WISE to help parents when reading through books or watching films/TV at home

Considering how pupil behaviour can be discussed through the framework of CHARACTER values.

Term 6 


Thursday 7th June

8.45am to 9.30am

Mastery Curriculum English – how to support reading at home and strategies used in school to support this 

Maths – how to support the learning of numeracy at home (hinge points of measurement, telling the time, language around maths) and online platforms that support this at home (My Maths)

Coding – this is something that lots of parents asked about last year. We should share online platforms that support the acquisition of coding skills for both parents and pupils