Parent Workshops

Dear parents,


The school runs a number of workshops across the year to support the relationship between school and home. These workshops are planned based on the feedback from parents through both AIM meetings (our parent association), feedback from previous workshops and requests based on last year’s parental questionnaire. They are a fantastic opportunity to develop your knowledge of the school, consider new ways to support your child and to meet other parents across both primary and secondary. Please save the dates below in your diary and more information will be shared closer to the time.


Session Term Rationale Date- sessions will run from 8.45-9.30
Discipline Term 1 Share the vision behind discipline with parents and explain how the check system works. Will share successful strategies to support your child with their self-discipline 18th October
Revision Term 2 Parents have asked for help and guidance around supporting their child revision and establishing good revision habits. This will share good practice and would be particularly useful for KS4 and KS2 parents and those parents concerned around their child’s revision habits. Tuesday 20th November
Computer skills Term 3 Coding – this is something that lots of parents asked about last year. Parents want to both skill themselves up in their use of IT, know how to support with learning portals we currently use (google classroom, mymaths) and which websites can help develop their child’s computer skills (Khan academy, touch typing, etc.) 


Wednesday 23rd January (CPM will need to be moved)
Home learning Term 4 Will talk through the importance of home learning, what it should look like and how parents can support their child establishing highly effective home learning habits at ghome. Thursday 28th March
Character Term 5 Will introduce the CHARACTER programme and how it works in school. 

Explain the differences between CHARACTER in primary and secondary.

Share different examples of how the language of CHARACTER could be used at home – e.g. using terms from WISE to help parents when reading through books or watching films/TV at home

Considering how pupil behaviour can be discussed through the framework of CHARACTER values.

Wednesday 8th May
Mastery Curriculum Term 6 English – how to support reading at home and strategies used in school to develop this 

Maths – how to support the learning of numeracy at home (hinge points of measurement, telling the time, language around maths) and online platforms that support this at home (e.g. HegartyMaths, My Maths)

Wednesday 10th July



If you are interested in joining our parent association please contact to register your interest and be added to our mailing list. You do not have to attend every meeting but your thoughts and ideas as valued members of our school community would be very welcome. We look forward to hearing from you. Please see an overview of the agendas for the rest of the year below as well as the dates.


Term 1 2 3 4 5 6
Date 17/10  

8.45 AM




8.45 AM




8.45 AM



Key agenda item Overview of the year Planning and organising our additional cultural event Parent questionnaire Running and supporting ICD Planning ahead to next year 

Reviewing parent overview

Reflection to date, sign off of overview for next year