Before Christmas, six of our Year 7 pupils were selected to investigate a topic of their choice, for the Humanities Scholars Project. The programme allowed some of our most able students to develop their independence, research and presentation skills needed to succeed at the highest level. Pupils came up with a place, a time period, and a focus area, and carried out research to find the answers to their questions. We had some really fascinating presentations on a range of topics, from Ancient Gods, to Anne Boleyn, to religious tensions in Nigeria. We were very proud of the hard work that had been put into the projects, and it was clear that everyone learned something from the pupils’ research. Well done to Joanne Oguchi, Michaela Howes, Ryan Dicka Homb, Gabriel Jackson, Taylan Sahin and Raheim Lindo, and thank you to all of the staff and parents who helped to make the Project so successful.