AJK Primary do Children in Need!

AJK Primary pupils and staff all dressed up for Children in Need 2015!

Our theme was ‘Be a Hero’. We wanted to be heroes and raise lots and lots of money for the charity.

Some children dressed as superheroes; some dressed as real heroes who help us: firefighters, the police, doctors, nurses and soldiers.

Others dressed as the heroes and heroines from history that we have all learned about in our history lessons at school: Civil Rights Activists Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks; the first female astronaut – Sally Ride, and Crimean war nurse Florence Nightingale. Ms Baird was Boudicca - the Iceni warrior queen, Mr Sufi was Muhammed Ali who was a great boxer and also a civil rights activist, Ms Burey was a suffragette – fighting for women’s right to vote!

Have a look at our photo to see what other heroes and heroines you can see!

So far we have raised £218.49. Well done everybody!