The nature and content of character sessions in the secondary school has progressed significantly throughout this academic year. Year 11 have taken part in their first assembly hall discussion. This was chaired by Mrs Jones and involved four tutor groups in the assembly hall, and a panel of experts. Pupils debated whether or not drugs should be de-criminalised in this country. Each tutor group sent a representative to the panel, and pupils were given the opportunity to present their views in front of eighty of their peers. This has provided excellent preparation for them as they progress into further and higher education. The lower years have continued to develop their habits of discussion in character. Year 8 in particular have been looking at presentation skills as they prepare their First Give presentations. We are very much looking forward to the final, in which tutor groups compete to win a £1000 donation for a local charity. This has previously been a very successful unit of character and this year looks to be even better!