Wonderful Work in Maths

Pupils have worked really hard this term in the run up to Assessment Point 1!

Year 7 looked at multiplication and division, and explored some of the areas of Maths that built on this, such as finding the area of rectangles and triangles. Year 8 and 9 both spent some time exploring algebra, with year 9 building on the sequences work they started in year 8.

In KS4, Year 10 have been busy consolidating their knowledge of a number of different topics, including ratio, transformations, bearings and trigonometric functions. Year 11 have worked hard to finish learning new content and are now preparing for their revision modules, so they are set up to make the most progress possible in their GCSE exams next year.

All pupils are making the most of our new home learning website, Hegarty Maths. They are consolidating their class learning by taking notes on the videos, and lots of pupils made excellent use of the service to revise topics they were unsure of before AP1. These excellent examples of Hegarty Maths notes from Elvin in year 10 and Fatma in year 8 show how useful they can be for revision.