International Culture Day

On Tuesday 19th June, we held our annual International Culture Day, in celebration of Ark John Keats’s diverse community. The event, organised by the Parent Association, AIM, brought together parents, pupils and staff from both primary and secondary. The success of the afternoon was largely thanks to the overwhelming input we had from our parents. The food that parents brought to share was delicious and was a great example of the different cultures that make up our school community. We had over 100 dishes ranging from Turkish, African, Caribbean and European (and many more!).

We also enjoyed several pupil performances: an excellent rendition of ‘This is Me’, from The Greatest Showman, by the primary choir, three evocative slam poetry performances from years 8 and 9, and a stunning performance on the Turkish Saz by three members of years 9 and 10. It was great to see our community out in force, including many in vibrant national dress. All of this was made possible by the support we received from members of AIM in co-ordinating and running the event, and the enthusiasm of the community as a whole. Thank you to everyone who came on the day, provided food and made the afternoon such a memorable occasion. As of next year, we will be holding three cultural events – watch this space! It would be great to see you there.