Wounderful Work in French

Our French students have been demonstrating many excellent study skills and characteristics this term so far. Across all years, students have been demonstrating excellent responsibility for their own learning. Careful proof reading is such an important skill for students to master, and already in year 7, we have seen brilliant examples of independent proof reading techniques, as demonstrated by Amanda’s colour coding in the photo. With a language in particular, it is essential to study as you learn, revising little and often. Cara-Rose in year 10 has shown how effective this can be, with her concise, neatly-presented notes setting her up excellently for the upcoming assessments. There is also the need to be courageous and try out new grammatical structures and new vocabulary, and year 9 have demonstrated this courage in their recent paragraphs describing their lives to date, contrasting different time periods with all the new tenses they have learnt. All of the skills mentioned will stand the students in very good stead for maximum progress in French, and they should continue their excellent work.