Character at AJK

Our pupils continue to work hard at developing their character. At Ark John Keats we understand and emphasise the importance of character development. Both staff, and pupils are aware of the need for all individuals in society to have good character and demonstrate an ability and desire to engage with society in a meaningful way. This term Year 7 have been working on mind mapping, whilst looking at freedom of expression and protest in society. The pupils understand their position in society and their ability to change situations which are unfair. Year 8 have been working on First Give a programme in which they engage with the local community and create presentations about a chosen charity with the aim of raising £1000 for that charity. Year 9 have continued to develop their financial literacy and are now able to competently discuss the relative merits of different bank accounts. Year 10 have been looking at different post – 16 options in education as they prepare to make important decisions about the next steps in their education. As ever it is excellent to see the pupils develop their characters, and support one another in their character development. We look forward to even more progress next term.