Wonderful Work - History

Our AJK historians have made an excellent start to the year, with some shining examples of pupils completing extra research on historical topics of their interest.

In year 10, Hannah looked into the impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany after World War One as part of her GCSE course. She found out that the loans that Germany had taken from America, in order to pay back its war reparations, were only finally paid off on 3rd October 2010. This was a great fact to share with the rest of her group, highlighting the lasting effects that the First World War had.

In year 8, Brooklynne carried out some of her own research into black history, finding out examples of exceptional achievement by black writers and politicians. She looked into their life stories, researching the challenges that they had overcome and how they had accomplished this. This is a great example of a pupil showing curiosity, as well as the responsibility to go and find the answers that they are looking for independently. Well done, Brooklynne and Hannah!