Curriculum Day

The school took part in a curriculum and Raising Aspiration day on Monday with pupils taking part in a range of exciting and new experiences.

Half of Year 7 visited the British Museum where they were able to see many of the objects and items they had studied during the course of the year. Pupils were able to view the Rosetta Stone which helped us to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics and to see the Standard of Ur from Mesopotamia which pupils had used to discover how unequal Mesopotamian society was.

Year 7 – Visited Oxford Univeristy

Year 8 - Visited Reading University

Year 9 took part in a GCSE taster day. This involved them taking lessons in the option subjects they have chosen to study for Years 10 and 11. Pupils showed fantastic character in working in new groups and were able to find out more about the GCSE course. This was a wonderful opportunity for pupils to get a head start on their preparation for next year and all pupils received some preparation work to complete over the summer to enable them to arrive in Year 10 ready to achieve fantastic results. Attached is an example of some of the new techniques that our GCSE art pupils were experimenting with.