Wonderful Work - Science

Year 7 have begun this year learning about how to be safe in a science lab and how to use one of the most important pieces of equipment, the microscope! They have had the opportunity to use these and discover what their cells look like and learn all about the building blocks that make up all living things on earth. This has helped them to really develop their curiosity about the world around them.

Year 8 students have continued their work on waves from last year and have begun to apply their knowledge to sound and the human ear. Their tenacity and responsibility for their work has led to some brilliant extended writing tasks. These have been focussed on how sound travels through the air and how the human ear detects them. Next they will be focussing on light and its properties. Specifically how it moves and how we can manipulate it.

Year 9 have started work on their first GCSE topic, adaptations. They have been displaying great curiosity by researching animals they may not have heard of and finding out how they are suited to the environment around them. To help them with this they have been very adaptable and used skills they have learnt previously in geography. Soon they will be looking at competition and how different animals coexist and challenge each other for resources.