Wonderful Work Of The Week

On Friday 26th of February, five of our top year 8 mathematicians travelled to Ark Academy in Wembley to compete in the ARK Schools Year 8 Maths Challenge. The event consisted of four challenges; Team Tension in which the team worked together to solve some fiendishly difficult problems against the clock; Quiz Quest in which individual team members competed to answer problems the quickest; Builders and Architects which split the team in two, with half building models and half designing a garden under mathematical constraints and Codeword Countdown, in which the team worked together in a race against the other teams participating to crack the code and open a safe!

The event was very challenging, testing our young mathematicians’ ability to work under pressure, creativity, decision making, mathematical problem solving, tactics and teamwork but we performed very well, finishing 2nd place overall with a score of 94 points! Congratulations to everyone who took part!